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Our Story

Chris Mash Sr. originally founded Mash Aerospace Corporation in 2001. The company was re-opened under Mash Aerospace, LLC in 2017 by Chris Mash Jr. eldest son to Chris Mash Sr. with the vision of being an honest and knowledgeable source of aircraft sales and aircraft parts while working in partnership with companies to build a mutually beneficial relationship.


Our Mission

To bring honesty and quality to every aircraft owner, parts distributor and operator in the world.


The Mash Story

For over 38 years the Mash family name has been known internationally in the aviation profession beginning with Clyde Mash in the late 1970s. From his humble beginning in the 101st Airborne Division Clyde entrepreneurial spirit and innovative outlook on life and business was able to find a niche in the market at the right time.

“A trusted and reliable sales man of used commercial and executive jets to airlines and operators worldwide”.

Many in the industry remember Clyde for his ability and persistence to always execute the deal. Unlike the rest of his staff Clyde worked on his own schedule and would be in the office by 5am then home by 12pm for a two hour nap where he would then go back to the office and work again from 3pm until late at night. Clyde was able to accomplish hundreds of commercial and executive aircraft transaction during his time in the aviation industry. He always was willing to help teach not only his pears but take care of those who were less fortunate with generous donations to local charities and churches.

Clyde always wanted to keep the aviation business within the family and once his two sons Everette Mash & Chris Mash reached the age of 15 they showed an interest in the business and had an eagerness to learn about the industry.

Once it was time to go on their own Everette and Chris started their own companies to continue their passion in the aviation industry. Everette specialized in Twin Otters and still till this day is involved in the purchase and reselling of this specific aircraft type under his own company. Chris dealt mainly in commercial aircraft sales and parts but slowly was moving into the regional aircraft direction. Chris passed away unexpectedly in 2007 due to a heart attack in his sleep leaving behind 2 sons and his beloved wife Grace Mash. Like his father, Chris carried a big heart. He was always willing to help anyone, even a complete stranger.

Those who have dealt with Chris Mash Sr. either in business or as a friend admired his humility, friendly nature and taking the time to sincerely provide insights that would help his customers – or even potential clients. His memory lives on till this day in the friends and family he left behind.

Today, the third generation in the aviation industry is Chris Mash Jr. (eldest son of Chris Mash Sr.) who’s love for airplanes started just as a toddler when his father took him to an airport for the first time. Growing up Chris always knew he would eventually deal in aircrafts one day. But didn’t know it would be so soon at just 18 while going to college full time. Chris began his aviation career by managing Inventory & Part Sales, as he quickly excelled in this field Chris worked his way to become a professional and reliable source in the aviation business market. Chris has handled aircraft deliveries, aircraft sales, parts sales, aircraft re-marketing and aircraft management to airlines and some of the biggest leasing firms worldwide.

His goal is to build Mash Aerospace into a leading supplier of used aircraft and aircraft parts by bringing honesty and quality to every aircraft owner, parts distributor and operator in the world.